gita hashemi

many worlds in one


the book of illuminations (2012)

The Book of Illuminations is composed of fourty-eight pages of calligraphy that together make an installation. The project is an exploration in writing as process and performance, and language as ritual and visual. This piece marks a return to physical material and a temporary distancing from virtual/digital media in my work.

The project is rooted in the imperative to understand the neuances of my intellectual and emotional shaping through my first language, Farsi, while staying away from the pitfalls of auto-biography as a highly sensationalized genre in the context of diasporic Iranian (and Middle Eastern) writing.

It was first exhibited as an installation at The Third Space exhibition curated by Sanaz Mazinani at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre as part of Tirgan Festival of Iranian Art and Culture.

This work can be exhibited in full or in parts as an installation at variable size responsive to the space.


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