gita hashemi

many worlds in one


headquarters: pathology of an ouster (2013)

Headquarters: Pathology of an Ouster fuses embodied writing, installation and performance. The installation consists of sixty sheets of 36in x 48in paper hung 1in off the wall with magnets. The entire now-declassified CIA report about the planning and execution of the 1953 coup d'etat is re-written by hand through debossing and then revealing the writing through application of paint. The project includes the companion performance piece Ouster Remixed. It was first presented at A Space Gallery in March 2013 as part of my solo show, Time Lapsed, and in MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) in November 2013 as part of solo show The Idea of Freedom.

This work is available for exhibition as an installation with variable dimensions specific to the presentation site. It may be accompanied with a single-channel video or the existing performances, or with a new site-specific performance.


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